‘In the field of drug development we have something very special in the Northern Netherlands,’ said Deputy Patrick Brouns at the launch of the “Pharma Portal” and the fund “Pharma Connect Capital” on October 12th. By combining regional strong expertise in the Pharma Portal and risk capital in Pharma Connect Capital, Groningen’s strength in developing new drugs is accelerated, which will boost the improvement of healthcare globally.

The combination of the Pharma Portal and Pharma Connect Capital, in which investors, academic organizations and companies work closely together is unique in the Netherlands. Within the Portal and the fund knowledge and risk investments are connected seamlessly. “For a non-Groninger, I always find it striking to see how people in the Northern Netherlands look for inter-connection,” said Ton Rijnders, national figure for drug development and chairman of the new pharma fund investment board.

Cooperation and interaction with Campus Groningen

Ton Vries, chairman of the LifeCooperative and one of the frontrunners, confirms Ton Rijnders’s statement. “It is about the collaboration and the mutual trust. From this trust, the first idea emerged from which Pharma Portal and Pharma Connect Capital have grown. This success is due to the close collaboration within the LifeCooperative and the interaction with Campus Groningen. A success we are proud of and where we expect a lot from.”

Pharma Connect Capital; Investing in early phase initiatives

With the launch of Pharma Connect Capital, initially €8 million will be available to invest in the early and financially most risky stages of drug development. Herewith, fund manager Jan Hendriks expects to support multiple initiatives: “We will invest in the start of various companies, and if they prove successful, we will also be able to co-finance in their growth.”

Pharma Portal; Promising initiatives

In order to let the number of high-quality initiatives grow, a strong link has been established with the new Pharma Portal. Within the portal, young pharmaceutical initiatives are accompanied and accelerated. The portal serves as a quality system and quality mark. The Pharma Portal adds expertise based on long-term experience in the international pharma industry. The concepts are independently assessed on content and commercial potential. This is the first cornerstone of an ecosystem with promising initiatives. Ready to be invested in.

July 2018: Ir. G.J. Smidfonds participates in Pharma Connect Capital. →