Stimulate innovations through investment

Pharma Connect Capital invests in early stage drug development, drug delivery technologies, biomarkers and diagnostics. Academic concepts and innovative ideas from pharma & biotech companies are supported by Pharma Connect Capital to reach the initial proof of concept stage.

With the launch of Pharma Connect Capital in October 2017, an initial €8 million was made available to invest in the earliest and financially most risky stages of drug development. PCC expects to be able to support multiple initiatives and has the mission to invest in the start of several companies, and if they prove successful, to be also able to participate in co-financing their growth.

In order to achieve maturation of early initiatives, a strong link has been established with Pharma Portal. Pharma Portal, supports young pharmaceutical initiatives in the design of product development plans according to current regulatory and quality standards. Ready for Pharma Connect Capital to make the assessment on investing in these plans.